Since 1968, Midwest Asphalt has served as an experienced commercial, municipal and residential paving company for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs.  We have a reputation of longevity, both with our end-user customers and through our subcontractor relationships.  As a result, Midwest Asphalt has become a proven industry leader in the Twin Cities metro area.  Our commitment to excellence is evident through the comprehensive services we offer as outlined below.

A dynamic metropolitan community like the Twin Cities, demands a paving solution that fits with the times.  Around town, you often hear buzzwords like economical, recycle and healthy lifestyle.  Since the beginning, these concepts have been a part of our decision to use Hot-Mix Asphalt to build and repair roadways, parking lots and biking trails.  Midwest Asphalt recognizes the multitude of benefits asphalt paving represents, and we are excited to bring these benefits to your city, your business and your doorstep.

Let us offer the following Hot-Mix Asphalt solutions:

As one of the largest milling companies in the area, Midwest Asphalt efficiently operates a fleet of milling/profiling machines here in Minnesota and in nearby states, including Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  The process of milling serves to rehabilitate roadways that are past their prime, and effectively extend their life through repavement.  Regardless of the projects size and scope – from parking lots to major interstate highways — our equipment and well-trained crews can handle the removal of asphalt, concrete and aggregate base.

Midwest Asphalt Corporation has partnered with hundreds of Twin Cities’ construction and contracting companies, to fill the gaps in their own trucking and hauling fleets.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we have cultivated with these companies, and continue to serve as an economical trucking resource.

Midwest Asphalt is one of the top providers of raw aggregate material, aggregate processing, resource development, and recycling in the Twin Cities metro area.  As a result of our seven strategically located facilities, we are positioned to supply your construction project with the right aggregate product at a price that works for you.  Whether you need materials delivered directly to your jobsite, or would like to pick-up and haul yourself, Midwest Asphalt will make the process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

When it comes to the preservation of your parking lot or roadways, proper maintenance is an essential consideration.  Midwest Asphalt is committed to protecting your asphalt investment by working with you to develop a maintenance schedule that will help extend the life of paved surfaces and streets.  Maintenance and services include:

A successful asphalt paving project begins with the proper preparation.  We provide a free on-site consultation to discuss every aspect of your project, in order to ensure a quality result, at a competitive rate.   Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation today: 952-937-8033