Asphalt Paving

Minnesota’s inclement weather wreaks havoc on our states roadways, parking lots, driveways and paved trails.  Midwest Asphalt offers the benefit of our specialized expertise, gained through years of experience working with these types of environmental conditions.  But why do we use Hot-Mix Asphalt to solve all types of asphalt paving issues?  We have outlined below the many advantages Hot-Mix Asphalt can offer, and it is precisely these benefits that give us confidence that this is the right solution for the Twin Cities area.

Clear advantages of asphalt paving:

  • More weather resistant
  • Economical and recyclable 
  • More forgiving for runners and bikers on paved trails
  • Ease of maintenance

As part of our company-wide commitment to best practices, we choose Hot-Mix Asphalt for your paving solutions for a number of reasons.

  • Dark color absorbs heat from sunlight, causing snow/ice to melt
  • Parking lot construction can be completed in stages; business owners can open prior to final surface placement
  • Hot-Mix Asphalt is a flexible medium and is less prone to cracking
  • Blacktop surface withstands damage by rock salt and ice melt better than alternatives

Midwest Asphalt offers a host of solutions related to asphalt paving, including: