One way that the Twin Cities metro area encourages its citizens to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle is to provide well-maintained walking and biking paths.  Midwest Asphalt supports this beneficial endeavor by providing the highest quality materials to each and every path paving job.  With areas of service in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we have brought the benefit of asphalt paths to outer suburbs such as Roseville, Richfield, Plymouth, Fridley and beyond.

Most government, commercial and private customers agree that asphalt pavement offers superior performance due to its flexibility and natural tendency to withstand movement associated with our frost susceptible soil in the Midwest.  If movement does occur, Hot-Mix Asphalt is also easier to repair than concrete.

Pedestrians, bikers and joggers prefer asphalt pavement for its continuous, joint-free travel lane.  This flexible pavement option provides the quiet, smooth ride preferred for cycling and rollerblading.  Asphalt paths are also aesthetically pleasing.  Paving techniques allow asphalt pavement to be placed on minor slopes, and blended into the existing landscape.  The free flow lines of asphalt pavement do not detract from the natural environment.


A successful asphalt paving project begins with the proper preparation.  We provide a free on-site consultation to discuss every aspect of your project, in order to ensure a quality result, at a competitive rate.   Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation today: 952-937-8033