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Why Work for Midwest Asphalt?

Our 5 Values all contribute to making Midwest Asphalt a Great Place to Work.

  • Our #1 Priority is Safety. We make this our top priority because we CARE about the Health, Well-being, and Potential of everyone on our team.

  • Our Leadership Team is directly responsible and accountable for Inspiring and Empowering a Winning Team.

  • We always invest in finding, keeping and developing the best teammates, since it is our team that earns Customer Loyalty.

  • If we earn customer loyalty, we will Drive Growth which, in turn, creates more opportunities for our team.

  • Building a Great Reputation not only helps us grow, but also fuels our collective sense of pride in what we do, how we do it and, most importantly, why we do it.

Because we CARE, Safety is #1

Safety is our #1 priority. We are on a mission to be recognized as World-Class when it comes to safety. We make this our top priority because we truly CARE about the health and well-being of our team for all the right reasons: family, long-term potential, and delivering successful projects. We know that investing in great safety takes careful planning and training which in turn contributes to quality projects and happy customers.

Our commitment to safety is ever-present:

  • We dedicate multiple days for Spring Training every year, with a primary focus on the safety and health of our team.
  • Our Safety Team is responsible for creating and implementing new and better ways to keep our safety priority constant and visible.
  • We recognize and reward employees who demonstrate a strong focus on doing the right thing when it comes to safety.
  • Formal Onboarding and Safety Orientation program to help new teammates keep themselves and their coworkers safe on the job.
  • Our valuable customer relationships benefit from our ability to deliver safe projects.
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Inspiring & Empowering A Winning Team

From the very beginning, we welcome new employees with enthusiasm and an effective Onboarding, Training, and Development program

  • We keep the best teammates through investments in safety, leadership development, training, career advancement, great equipment, a fun environment, and winning more work so that we can generate more work hours every year!
  • As we grow, our mission is finding and keeping the best teammates. The best teammates for us are those who deliver results and fit our team-oriented culture.
  • While most of our construction work is seasonal, we offer year-round work to an increasing number of employees.
  • We have an intense focus on strong teamwork.
  • We have a PIG: Positive Impact Group. The PIG is a team of key employees focused on continuously improving our work environment; looking to keep our work environment fun, family-oriented, connected; producing a monthly newsletter; acquiring rewards for teammates, such as Twins tickets; and organizing family gatherings to celebrate our hard work together!

Success Stories

We have multiple teammates in our company who started in the field or shop having no related experience and are now in key leadership roles. Read about Jack’s and Hogan’s experiences..

“Midwest Asphalt has enabled me to pursue my career goals. I had no experience in the construction field when I started in 2010, but with the aid of knowledgeable employees willing to train, a positive learning culture, and an inspiring leadership team, I was able to work my way from a water truck driver to a project management position.” – Jack Fraune

“Five years ago I started with Midwest Asphalt not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had no prior experience in the construction field. Walking onto the job site the first day, I went into with the mindset, “It’s the WILL, not the SKILL.” To my surprise, everyone took a step back and started from the bottom with me. Explaining everything with great detail and really making sure I understood everything and felt comfortable. From then on, I was determined to show my appreciation by excelling the best that I could. I quickly went from not knowing what I was doing, to becoming an Assistant Grading Manager. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for every person who has helped me along the way. Pushing me to be the best I can be and holding me accountable. For that I’m forever grateful.” – Hogan Domagala

Earning Customer Loyalty

At Midwest Asphalt, we know that customer loyalty is the source of our continued success and long-term growth. We also know that the only way to retain customers is to provide exceptional services by exceptional people. It’s because of this philosophy that we focus our efforts on attracting and retaining the very best employees. This commitment to earning both employee and customer loyalty is consistently reinforced and rewarded in our culture.

  • We create happy customers through understanding and then meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • We value respectful and positive working relationships, internally and externally.
  • Our commitment is to deliver an A+ project every time: safely, with a happy customer, on-time, and on-budget.
  • Our teammates are encouraged to have a customer-centered mindset and rewarded accordingly; our growth is tied to our customer’s success.

Driving Proactive Growth

We have a strong commitment to growing our company, which gives us the opportunity to further the growth of our employees. As we deliver positive growth, we have the resources to invest in our team. We understand the importance of maintaining a proactive and forward-thinking mindset and are always looking to our team for innovative ideas and solutions. Midwest Asphalt knows the importance of finding and implementing the right technology solutions, so we have put technology into the hands of our field leaders to help effectively manage our projects.

  • Our seasoned teammates are always willing to coach and teach, which fuels our ability to grow successfully.
  • Since we are driven to build a sustainably growing company, our teammates know there are and will be meaningful career opportunities.
  • We offer learning and development opportunities to support the growth and advancement of our team.
  • Each teammate is encouraged to learn new skills and cross-train on different equipment and systems, which expands capabilities for both our people and our company.

“I started my career at Midwest Asphalt in 1990 with little experience in the industry. I worked summers on a patch crew, a paving crew and a grading crew while going to college. After finishing college, I was given the opportunity to work in the office as an estimator and I ultimately worked my up to chief estimator then onto Vice President of the company.  It’s been a great ride and I feel fortunate for the opportunities Midwest Asphalt has provided to me over the years.” – Matt Timmers, VP of Construction

We Love Building Our Reputation

In the construction business, reputation is the ultimate scorecard. Our reputation depends on delivering the results and experiences our customers expect. Due to the hard work of our loyal employees, we have earned a great reputation in the eyes of our team, customers, and business partners during our 50-year history. We’ve proudly built a reputation for:

  • Making Safety our #1 priority
  • Always providing quality work
  • Focusing on strong internal and external teamwork
  • Being unquestionably honest
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude
  • Generating a family atmosphere
  • Caring for our customers and employees

Top-Level Employment Benefits

  • Employer 401(k) match

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Paid vacation

  • Quality and affordable health/dental insurance

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