Asphalt Maintenance

Our experienced asphalt maintenance team is always on the lookout for ways to extend the life of your blacktop surfaces.  At Midwest Asphalt Corporation we analyze the current condition of your existing roadway, parking lot or biking/walking path, and provide you with individualized solutions that fit within your budget.  Asphalt maintenance and repair may include:

During our initial assessment, we will survey the area and address any issues that are causing the asphalt to deteriorate prematurely.  The solution may be as simple as a patch to repair damaged asphalt, or a more significant solution to fix re-occurring drainage problems.  Regardless of the cause, Midwest Asphalt provides you with the knowledge and insight needed to make an informed decision on how best to maintain your asphalt surfaces.

We provide asphalt maintenance and repair services to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including suburbs in the seven surrounding counties.  Cities such as Crystal, Arden Hills, Brooklyn Park, Waconia and beyond have all benefitted from our comprehensive maintenance solutions.


We provide a free on-site consultation to discuss every aspect of your project, in order to ensure a quality result, at a competitive rate.   Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation today: 952-937-8033

Additional Asphalt Maintenance Solutions