Seal Coating

Here at Midwest Asphalt, we believe that seal coating your asphalt pavement is one important step you can take to protect your high-traffic surfaces, and extend the life of your driveway or parking lot.  Seal coating creates a layer, or roof that serves to mitigate damage caused by water, oil, salt and exposure to the sun.  The cost-savings that seal coating provides, ranges in the thousands of dollars and saves you the potential expense of unnecessary repairs.  Seal coating your asphalt just makes good, restorative sense.

Midwest Asphalt has the equipment and expertise to ensure your seal coating is done properly, at just the right time, giving you the maximum life out of your asphalt surface.  Additionally, everyone loves the rich black appearance of a freshly seal coated driveway or parking lot.  It speaks volumes toward the care you put into your business or home.

Areas of service include the seven county Twin Cities metro area, including those within the heart of Minneapolis/St. Paul to the outer suburbs such as Roseville, Richfield, Plymouth, Fridley and beyond.


We provide a free on-site consultation to discuss every aspect of your project, in order to ensure a quality result, at a competitive rate.   Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation today: 952-937-8033

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