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Milling & Reclaiming

Midwest Asphalt Corporation employs three full-lane and three half-lane state-of-the-art milling/profiling machines capable of removing widths of  7’ & 12’6″.  We take pride in our equipment, ensuring that we have the latest technology to stay above the competition. Our newest machine includes a 2013 Roadtec RX-900e with a 12’6″ cutter.


Midwest Asphalt Corporation provides milling and resurfacing options across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.  Midwest Asphalt Corporation has the equipment to get the job done on time. A few of the proven benefits of the milling process include:

  • Removing worn or damaged pavement layers
  • Large areas can be removed at once, making it the ideal process for interstate highways
  • Remaining surface texture allows for an excellent bond with an overlay
  • Leaves a drivable surface, minimizing traffic disruption

Once the milling process is complete, employees carefully inspect the area to confirm a uniform texture of the milled surface and ensure all previously bonded layers are removed.  All milling operations are accompanied by a water truck and a maintenance truck.  Project quotes are provided by the square yard, ton, hour, day, or lump sum.


Midwest Asphalt uses the process of reclaiming to strengthen the roadway base prior to placing an asphalt overlay.  By operating a full-depth reclamation machine at selected road resurfacing projects, we are able to recycle the high-quality material from the removed asphalt and aggregate base.  This cost-effective process allows less asphalt to be used while obtaining the same result.  On-site reclaiming reduces material needs, keeps trucking costs down, and minimizes the time a roadway is closed to traffic.

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