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Our Vision and Values

“Building a Sustainably Great Construction Company”

Our Vision and Values at Midwest Asphalt define who we are and have earned us our outstanding reputation.

They represent our culture, which describes the working relationships we have with our employees and customers.

Midwest Asphalt Services, Our Values

1. Because We CARE, Safety Is #1
Our company is built on the foundation of caring for our teammates, which drives our commitment to make our clear-cut #1 priority the safety, health, and well-being of our team.  We strive to help each employee achieve their potential, which requires that we prioritize their Safety.

2. Inspiring & Empowering A Winning Team
With a foundation of Safety and Caring in place, we can effectively Inspire and Empower a Winning Team.  Construction is a team sport; we win work, deliver A+ projects, and grow our business on the backs of our team.  Our leadership group is accountable for Inspiring and Empowering us to make a positive impact in all that we do.

3. Earning Customer Loyalty
Simply put: if we have the building blocks of Safety and a Winning Team in place, then we Earn Customer Loyalty.  Each of our teammates contributes to delivering A+ projects: safely, with a happy customer, on-time and on-budget.  We take pride in generating happy parking lot and roadway customers.

4. Driving Proactive Growth
Each construction project we tackle is an opportunity to Earn Customer Loyalty.  With customers who award us with repeat work, we can count on Driving Proactive Growth.  We are committed to growing our business every year not only through loyal customers, but also with new value-added services, technology, expanded geographic coverage, and, most importantly, investing in our team.

5. We Love Building Our Reputation
Our reputation within our team and with our customers means the world to us.  Building our great reputation took nearly 50 years, a lot of hard work, and a commitment to keeping promises made to customers.  Our brand represents the pride we all have in delivering quality projects, growing, and having fun doing it.

In Summary…

We are in business to be the best today and in the future, and we are willing to work for it.

Why Customers Choose Us

“After 50 years: Smarter, Safer, Stronger”


Use our 50 years of experience to get your project built on budget and on time.  Our years in the field give us the ability prevent issues and problems that other contractors may run into.  Our knowledge will help you construct a high-quality project that will last many years longer than other companies could deliver.


Choose Midwest Asphalt and we will put together a highly-skilled team to get the project over the finish line.  We employ some of the most highly-skilled team members in the business, who take pride in working safely and in the final product they construct. A wise man once said about the asphalt business, “it’s a flexible business, you have to stay flexible”.  Midwest Asphalt is committed to being flexible to serve our customers’ needs and meet their schedules.

Midwest Asphalt will handle it for you.  When you choose us, we don’t just sub out large portions of your project to other contractors, we self-perform the following:  mining and crushing of aggregates used on the project, performing quality control/quality management of the aggregates during production and placement on your project, grading/earthwork, removing bituminous and concrete, milling and reclaiming, trucking and placement of the class 5 aggerated base, and trucking and placement of the asphalt paving.  Let our team handle the large portions of your project so we can ensure a successful final product.

Our Team Makes the Difference

“We Build Our Reputation Everyday”

We asked our teammates…

  • Why do you CARE about Midwest Asphalt?

  • Why do you CARE about your Team?
  • What do you CARE about outside of work?

Read everyone’s answers below!

Matt Timmers
Matt Timmers VP of Construction
  • Grown up working here.
  • Great people to work with.
  • Faith, family, hockey.
Ron Schiferl
Ron SchiferlChief Financial Officer
  • Great Company who focuses on Safety and Customer Service.
  • Good people who care about each other. Feels like family.
  • My family, playing basketball, bicycling, and running.
Greg Holm
Greg HolmConstruction Division Manager
  • It’s loaded with remarkable talent.
  • They display hard work and dedication.
  • Family, Friends, Bonfires, and Fishing.
Jack Fraune
Jack FrauneSafety Director
  • Good Values & Great People.
  • Caring & Respectful Group of People.
  • Family, Friends, and Football!
Keith Sticha
Keith StichaMunicipal Estimator
  • Strong now and a bright future.
  • Common values of respect and integrity.
  • Family.
Paul Hoffer
Paul HofferCommercial Estimator
  • Rewarding to work with an industry leader.
  • Fun to work with people who care about company success.
  • Our 2 grandchildren and hunting with our dog Marley.
Tammy Anderson
Tammy AndersonAccounts Payable
  • Successful Company and Dedicated Employees.
  • Knowledgable Teams who make it fun!
  • Global Environment.

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